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About JNS Ministries

Jeff and Suzanne Coulter founders of JNS Ministries.

Jeff and Suzanne Coulter

  The goal of our ministry is to be witnesses to those that are lost and bless those that are in need.  We do that through our testimony and Christian books and through personal appearances such as Teen Challenge, Our diversity includes such blessings as a meal to families in bereavement or even mowing someones grass during a difficult time. There are so many ways to share the Good News of our Lord!

We have recently been called to move forward with The Galilean Family Fishing Lodge. This wonderful concept focuses on military and law enforcement who suffer from PTSD, Chronic Depression or Anxiety.

 JNS Ministries Fishers of Kids Program offers children of low-income families a fishing pole and a bible during scheduled fishing clinics at East Fork State Park. This program is offered to area kids to share the gospel through two very personal gifts.  Seeing a young child's eyes light up when you give them a fishing pole and telling them that Jesus loves them is such an overwhelming blessing and is a memory that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  They will always relate that special gift to an act of kindness while reading about the Good News of Jesus Christ.