About JNS Ministries


Newness in Christ!

We use our books to testify about forgiveness and eternal life that is openly given to anyone that believes in Christ Jesus. Without Christ in our lives, our marriage would not exist and Jeff would not be alive today. We started writing our autobiography soon after Jeff’s near death experience as a result of an automobile crash. 

Our story goes beyond just the crash, as you will read in our very candid and open hearted testimony. God is indeed a very jealous God and He does not want to lose His own. Once you turn your hearts over to Christ, His love is selfish and very possessive over His children. Jeff was on the brink of being eternally lost, but God had other plans.   



The goal of our ministry is to be a witness to those that are lost.  We do that through our books and through personal appearances.  Both of us are involved in our local church and try to be that light on the hill for all to see.  We are reminded of that old Hymn "He was there all the time, waiting patiently in line."  After all of those years in darkness and hiding from God, no truer words were ever spoken.  You too can be saved if you will just confess the Lord Jesus as your Savior.  That He died on the cross for you and rose again.  If you believe this in your heart all you have to do is pray.  "God save me please.  I surrender my heart to you and believe that you died and rose again for me. In Jesus name I pray."  Congratulations Christian!  You are now saved and part of the family of Christ!  Drop us a line and tell us about your testimony. If you would like to receive prayer you can also call us at the listed phone number.