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Chronic Depression: A Candid Testimony

Jeff  Coulter discuses his personal experience with chronic depression and anxiety. 

Investment Opportunity!

The Galilean Family Fishing Lodge

East Fork Lake Sunset

 JNS Ministries has been called to establish The Galilean Family Fishing Lodge.  “The Galilean” is a faith-based investment opportunity for military and police families that are dealing with  PTSD, Chronic Depression and Anxiety.

The primary focus of The Galilean will be family and faith as it relates to each other and to God. Most investors shy away from "religious" charities for fear of reprisal and protest. That is certainly their prerogative, however JNS Ministries refuses to shy away from our mission.  This nation was founded on faith and God and frankly speaking this is the primary problem with society and individuals today. "Lack of focus." Everyone searches for that one thing that will make them happy, but to no avail.  The primary focus of The Galiean is "Newness in Christ."

II Cor. 5:17 tells us that "...all things are become new for them that are in Christ."  It is this newness that gives all men hope especially our beloved military and police service men and women.

There will be resources made available for the guests of The Galilean such as music, video and literature about family and faith in God. Counseling resources will be made available so that our guests can followup with clinical and spiritual healing. Recreational activities will of course focus on fishing. There will be an outdoor grilling station and deep fryer in the shelter house to prepare the day's catch.  A pro-shop will be available for the guests of the lodge to pick up any last minute items that they need to continue their outing. 

East Fork Lake is one of the largest Ohio State Parks and is a wonderful recreational area for family activities! Located in the heart of Clermont County Ohio and thirty miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio, East Fork Lake is easily accessible to southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, and only minutes away from the Ohio River and area shopping and entertainment.

Planning Stages

Family Fishing in East Fork Lake

 Phase One

We are launching the first phase of this project, which is to raise funds to purchase the land that will be located in close proximity to the southern portion of East Fork Lake in Clermont County, Ohio.    Phase One will incorporate logistics and architectural design. 

If you or your organization feel led to donate the land for this facility please email us at

Phase Two 

Phase Two is the construction phase.  The preliminary planning of the layout is to have a single lodge with up to 10 rooms available. A central shelter house, pro-shop and meeting hall with ample parking for boaters and persons with disabilities. 

Phase Three

Hiring staff and volunteers for grand opening and launch.

Contribute Now!

Bass Fishing in East Fork Lake

 JNS Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Christian Non-Profit organization fully verified by The IRS and The State of Ohio as a tax exempt public charity located in Bethel, Ohio, U.S.A. 

There is a great opportunity here to invest in our military and police who have been neglected long enough. They are the backbone of this county and without them we would not exist. The least that we can do is to help them integrate back into civilian life and feel wanted again. 

Thank you for your kind donations to help launch this exciting new ministry for family and faith!  If you are an interested investor you can reach out to us at or call us at 513-240-6050.