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 Jeff and Suzanne Coulter will be taking your questions on Facebook Live on March 21, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m. EST/GMT-5. We will be taking your questions about our testimony and autobiography, Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love.  We will also be taking your questions about such topics as long term marriage, the backslidden state of Christianity and depression and anxiety.  

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Angels Unaware by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

Angels Unaware

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2 KJV

"If ever there is a perfect day it is this day. A day of early dawn and golden sunshine. A solemn figure standing at the Griffith Observatory, overlooking the city. From nowhere and from eternity. As he looks at the rising sun, he communes with the Father in reverent silence. Looking down at the city where he will walk among us, he notices his hands. Looking at them and rolling them over to reveal his palms, he lightly clinches his fists. Though eternity is limitless and boundless, the sensation is humbling. Looking at the brightening sky, he utters a whispering prayer, "Father, thy will be done." Grant Messler is a mystery that Attorney and Public Defender Fran Sinclair cannot understand. Accepting the fate of prison, Grant becomes an integral part of Fran's life and the lives of her family. As the story unfolds, Grant interacts with those around him. Changing the lives of those that reject God, by supernatural and Angelic means that no one can explain or understand. Fran's husband Steve is a hard hitting sales executive whose good looks and charm finally catch up to him with his most lucrative account. Roselynn Hernandez will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including Steve. Lisa Sinclair loves God and lives the life of Christ. An outcast in school, she soon becomes the focus of Shea who is the most popular girl in school and also the loneliest. Read how God brings peace and healing through miraculous intrigue and supernatural interaction and also changes so many lives along the way! 

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