Volunteer Opportunities!

Why should I volunteer?

You may ask yourself, "Why should I become a volunteer?" The answer lies within yourself. It is as simple as offering  a hand to the homeless, helping a widow cut her grass, or offering a prayer to the brokenhearted. The answer lies within yourself... 

There is a special feeling we get when we decide to help others. We often choose to do something that is near and dear to our own hearts.  My wife Suzy and I both have relatives that are bound by addiction, so we often go to Teen Challenge and share our testimonies and pray with them at the Teen Challenge Ranch. 

It's a special place in your heart. If God is in it, then you will know in your heart that it is the right thing to do. You will have that special pull or tug in your heart that says, "Give to this ministry."  There is always a reason for that feeling whether it hits home or it is a calling. You will know when God is calling you to do something.  We often ask ourselves, "Well how will I know if this is what God wants me to do?" The answer is simple. When God opens the door then "You will be dragged through the door!"

If you feel that God is leading you into becoming an active part of our ministry then please contact us today.  We need your help in sharing our message.  There are two ways that you can volunteer at JNS Ministries. 

First, you can share our ministry to as many people as you can through word of mouth and social media. Secondly, you can volunteer by becoming an active fundraiser.   

Won't you volunteer your time today?  Whether you are between jobs or looking to build your resume, become a part of something wonderful for faith, family and your community!